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Sheffield Hallam University is looking for cyclists to take part in a study looking at how body size and shape can impact on their performances.

Alice Bullas, a PhD student in the University's Centre for Sports Engineering Research (CSER) is using 3D imaging scanners to analyse the performance of riders of road, track, BMX or mountain bikes.

The CycleSize study is looking for high-level recreational, semi-professional or elite male cyclists aged between 18 and 45 to help to establish a scientific advancement in cycling performance research.

"A cyclist's body shape indicates physical attributes that can provide a competitive advantage," said Alice, who was part of the engineering team that helped daredevil and speed fanatic Guy Martin break a world record on the Channel 4 programme, Speed with Guy Martin.

"Identifying and monitoring these physical attributes, whether they are genetically inherited or acquired through training, can help us to understand a cyclist’s performance, quantify their response to training, and identify future champions." 

To mark National Women in Engineering Day on 23 June, Alice will be discussing her project at an event hosted by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in London and will talk about her experiences of being a student working with sports technology.

The engineering team with Guy Martin. (L-R) Terry Senior, Christina King, Guy Martin, Heather Driscoll, Alice Bullas.jpg
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Alice will be joined by Christina King, business development manager in Sheffield Hallam's Health and Wellbeing Research Institute for Sport, who was also part of Guy Martin's engineering team, and will join a panel of fellow sports engineering experts where she will discuss her career and the future of the sports technology industry. 

Cyclists wanting to participate in the CycleSize study can contact Alice Bullas on 07536044310 or or they can complete the interest form

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