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A chemist specialised in lifescience mass spectrometry (MS), Simona's most recent high-profile work has been in the analysis of latent fingermarks for suspect identification. Simona is now one of 60 leading world researchers in the International Fingerprint Research Group and has received funding to deliver a course in Advanced Mass Spectrometry at the University of Naples Federico II in Italy. She is also a lecturer in biomedical sciences, with a specialist teaching area in analytical chemistry.


  • Forensic analysis of latent fingermarks
  • Biological response to honeybee venom
  • Cancer proteomics
  • Mass Spectrometry

Notable media coverage:

TEDx Talk [Sept 2018]
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[October 2017] Prof Francese recieved national media coverage speaking about a ground-breaking fingerprint profiling method which can provide an in-depth analysis of fingerprints at crime scenes. The technology has been on trial with West Yorkshire Police which saw it successfully implemented during an investigation into a case of harassment. The Home Office has invested funding in the project and researchers hope to see the technology be used in high-profile cases.

Coverage between 10-13 October 2017 includes:


Simona Francese
Simona Francese, Leesa Ferguson and Robert Bradshaw
Simona Francese, Rosalind Wolstenholme, Robert Bradshaw and Leesa Ferguson

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