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A new book which claims to put people with autism and their carers at the heart of the discussion for the first time has been released by a Sheffield Hallam University academic.

Kentucky-born author Mitzi Waltz says Autism: A Social and Medical History, gathers insight from parents and people with autism, rather than relying on an academic approach.

Dr Waltz, who herself has a son with autism, will give a talk about her new book at the University on Tuesday, April 16, starting at 6pm.

The book, released by Palgrave Macmillan, also looks at autism as a sociological and cultural phenomenon, tracing its history and looking at how the condition is often seen as different from other types of impairment.

Mitzi said: "I've blended research and personal perspectives to examine the social narratives of normalcy, disability and difference.

"Autism has often been seen as separate from other forms of impairment and negative attitudes towards people with autism and, in the past, their parents, have been prevalent.

"This book explores key research in the field as well as insight from parents and people with autism, the latter of whom have often had no voice in what is written about the history of autism."

Mitzi Waltz

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Mitzi's talk, The History Of Autism And What We Can Learn From It, will be held in Sheffield Hallam's Owen Building (Room 942) from 6pm to 9pm. For more information contact Sheffield Hallam's Autism Centre on 0114 225 5534.

Vouchers to purchase the book at half price will be available at the event, or it is also available on Amazon.

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