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The immersive world of digital fiction will be brought to life this weekend at Sheffield Hallam University.

The free interactive workshop - part of the Off The Shelf programme - will explore examples of digital fiction stories and discuss the difference between digital storytelling and writing for the traditional print medium.

As part of the workshop, which takes place on Saturday 21 January (2pm-4pm) at Sheffield Hallam's Charles Street Building, participants will get the opportunity to write and design their own digital fiction using special digital writing software.

Digital fictions are different to e-books and are known as 'born digital', as they would lose some of their form and meaning if they were removed from the digital medium.

Digital fictions require the reader to interact with the narrative throughout the reading experience. This may include hyperlinks, moving images, mini-games or sound effects. In many digital fictions, the reader has a role in constructing the narrative by controlling a character’s journey through the story.

Hypertexts, text-adventure games, multimedia stories, interactive video, literary games, and some mobile apps are all examples of types of digital fiction.

The two-hour masterclass - which is open to both beginners and experienced digital fiction readers - will be led by digital media artists Andy Campbell and Judi Alston of One to One Development Trust and Dr Isabelle van der Bom, postdoctoral researcher at Sheffield Hallam University.

Digital fiction

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Dr van der Bom said:  "Digital media is a dynamic and immersive means of experiencing fiction. With this workshop we are hoping to capture the imagination of established digital fiction audiences as well as introducing new readers to this form of storytelling." 

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The event has been organised by Dreaming Methods and Reading Digital Fiction

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