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In this section of the media centre you'll find recent media coverage about Sheffield Hallam University. Take a look at the items below for more information.

Virtual reality research across the BBC


Ivan Phelan, a Research Associate in Games and App development at Hallam, and part of the team behind the trial at the University, appeared live on...

Games development on Sky News


Reporting from the Yorkshire Games Festival, Sky News interviewed Dr Jake Habgood focusing on computer game education at Sheffield Hallam and Steel...

Ground-breaking VR research


Channel 4 News report on ground-breaking virtual reality for amputee patients with prosthetic limbs. The project uses VR technology (Oculus Rift) so...

Games Britannia on the BBC


Games Britannia, one of the UK's longest running videogame education festivals, returned to Sheffield Hallam University this month. The festival,...

Student computer game released in the US


The student-made videogame Piecefall, developed for PlayStation®4, was released in the United States on 31 March 2016, and has featured in the...

Widespread coverage for classic computer game revamp


A masters student's revamp of an iconic computer game level has gained widespread media coverage across specialist and national publications. Jude...