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Illusions on display at pop-up lab

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Psychologists at Sheffield Hallam University have set up a pop-up laboratory to examine how people interact with unusual visual objects and illusions.

The Psychology, Art & Design Laboratory is currently located in the main building of the University's City Campus, and features a selection of illusions and visual puzzles. The project is open to everybody, and researchers want members of the public to come and judge the objects for themselves.

The laboratory has been set up by Dr Alessandro Soranzo, a senior lecturer in psychology at the University.

He said: "The experiment is very straightforward. Participants have to judge the appeal of objects that have been digitally enhanced, and behave differently when touched.

"There are absolutely no risks involved and no personal information is recorded. And everyone who takes part will get a special Sheffield Hallam University memory stick."

One of the visual illusions on display in the laboratory

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The experiment, which takes about 15 minutes, also includes a video game on a tablet, which tests people's reactions to different visual illusions.

The pop-up laboratory is open until Thursday 31 July, in Sheffield Hallam's Owen Building, room 221.

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