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Hallam's cyber security experts launch roadshow across Yorkshire

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Sheffield Hallam University's cyber security experts are taking their expertise on the road to help businesses across Yorkshire defend themselves against attacks thanks to an interactive computer game.

The University's CENTRIC (Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organised Crime Research) team are hosting six Yorkshire Cyber events across the next two months designed to aid SMEs in understanding cyber security and its potential impact on businesses.

CENTRIC have developed a games platform specifically for the Yorkshire Cyber project featuring 10 different scenarios, each presenting a different set of circumstances and risks relating to various types of cyber-attacks.

Participants will play the game through the scenarios most relevant to them. Each one presents the user with a situation, followed by a series of options relating to possible responses.

The consequences and risks associated with each response are presented to the user, so that they learn which would be the best one to both use or avoid. This includes alerting the user to potential harm to the business, reputation, customers, legal liability, and advice on how to preserve evidence. The scenarios have been written specially for the project by Hallam's cyber experts and the Yorkshire & Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit.

Each event will be hosted by an expert from CENTRIC and have other experts and police cyber officers in attendance. 

Alison Lyle, CENTRIC research fellow and Yorkshire Cyber project lead, said: "Cyber security and protection is vitally important to businesses - whether they are large multi-nationals or small SMEs. We want to ensure that these smaller companies from across Yorkshire are armed with the knowledge and the skills to defend themselves, and their customers, from potential threats.

The game platform especially designed for the tour
Yorkshire Cyber

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"Working with partners and the police, CENTRIC's roadshow will ensure businesses get the know-how and work through interactive scenarios to get a real-world feel to the pressures and challenges of dealing with a cyber security problem.

"The events are intentionally based in smaller towns so that we are reaching out to those SMEs who may often be left out of large, city events due to location or resources or the targeting of many solutions at larger organisations."

The free events are in Scarborough (3 May), Barnsley (16 May), Harrogate (30 May), Beverley (5 June), Halifax (14 June) and Shipley (15 June).

For more information, including how to sign up to attend, visit

This project has received Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF), which supports and develops knowledge-based interactions between universities and colleges and the wider world.

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