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Markos has extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of clinical trials with pre-clinical and clinical populations, aiming to improve physiology and clinical outcomes. 

He is currently investigating the effect of lifestyle interventions in the cardiovascular function of clinical and healthy-but-older populations. For example, he has been exploring how exercise can improve endothelial function in patients with chronic venous insufficiency and venous ulceration and reverse the ageing-affected microcirculation in older populations and the effect of e-cigarettes in the micro- and macro-vascular physiology of smokers.

Markos has led a number of lifestyle interventions, exploring the effects of regional diets (eg Nordic, Mediterranean) in younger and older groups. Another area of interest is the predictive role of hematological markers in the disease-outcome of patients with rectal cancer as well as the effect of cancer disease in the patients’ cardiopulmonary and microcirculatory function.

He is passionate about the reduction of obesity in Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority (BAME) populations, and is currently leading a network of distinguished academics, BAME organisations and public health organisations and city councils, which is focused on that matter.

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Dr Markos Klonizakis

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