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Dr David Peplow is interested in social interaction, focusing particularly on how readers outside of university talk about literary reading. In his research he also considers how taste intersects with social class and how the poor are represented in the media. 


Book clubs - recordings of multiple book clubs and investigation of:

  • how people outside university literature departments talk about fiction (literary and popular fiction), and how this compares with how literature academics talk about these things
  • how book groups are organised, practically and discursively (i.e. how the talk is structured)
  • what purposes being part of a book club might serve (e.g. allowing people to talk about themselves or difficult issues through talking about a work of fiction).

Benefits Street project, especially:

  • media representations of the working-class, 'underclass' or 'the poor'
  • how viewers respond (online and offline) to these media representations
  • how particular objects, ways of life, habits are seen as shorthand for indexing the modern-day 'undeserving poor': e.g. big dogs, smoking cigarettes. 
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