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Journalist David teaches modules in media law and investigative journalism. He has a lifelong interest in folklore and ‘extraordinary experiences’ (with UFOs, ghosts and other supernatural phenomena). His PhD is in British folklore and cultural tradition. He is frequently quoted by national and international media as an expert in these areas and is a consultant for The National Archives UFO files project.

David writes a monthly column for The Fortean Times magazine. He has extensive media interview experience and is available for both print and broadcast work.


  • Investigative journalism
  • Freedom of Information
  • Media Ethics and regulation
  • Privacy and defamation 
  • Official secrets and whistleblowers
  • Military intelligence and secret intelligence
  • Contemporary and urban legends
  • Conspiracy beliefs and cultures
  • Social and psychological context of supernatural belief
  • Oral traditions and folk belief
  • Supernatural belief and ‘extraordinary experiences’
  • UFOs and ‘aerial phenomena’

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Dr David Clarke

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