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A student at Sheffield Hallam University has created a unique cardboard bicycle, which aims to reduce thefts and encourage people to get out of their cars and 'on their bikes'.

Phil Bridges, who is about to complete a three-year course in product design, created the bike to support the principle of cheap and ecological transport.  The prototype is made almost entirely from recyclable and recycled materials, using interchangeable mechanical parts.

Research shows that a bicycle is stolen every 71 seconds in England which made cycling enthusiast Phil - a member of the Stockport bike club Wills Wheels - realise that theft was one of the main barriers to bicycle use.

The 21-year-old hopes that his work will be taken on by a company who can see the bike's potential as a green marketing gimmick.

Phil said, 'The lightweight quality of the cardboard, combined with its low cost, means it is possible to create a bargain-bike that is also less susceptible to thieves. At the moment low-cost bikes are usually very heavy, which can also put people off. '

Phil's work can be seen in the Creative Spark exhibition of final year degree students taking place at Sheffield Hallam University from 12-19 June.  For visitor information please go to:

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