Here & Now

May 5 2017 – May 21 2017

This exhibition showcases the work of some of our AA2A placement artists, who have been working alongside our students over the past year.

The AA2A project provides placements for visual artists and designer makers in Higher and Further Education institutions across England. In 2016-2017, AA2A schemes will run in 20 institutions, providing around 80 placements nationally. In the last 17 years, around 1,760 participants have realised projects and researched techniques using workshops and supporting facilities in participating fine art and design departments.
Dillan Marsh lives in Bergen, Norway. His methodology is to collect material: such as text,
images and objects. From this pool new forms can emerge. Material is assembled bringing
disparate but connected elements into dialogue, a process of mapping is set in motion and potential new scenarios may be triggered. 
Shirley Harris works collaboratively as Vanitas Arts. She develops collaborative, digital based, trans media installations that explore the human condition. Literature, theatre and mythology provide exploration of power, gender, exile, asylum and containment - all which have a contemporary resonance.
Colin Shaw puts people back into the landscape with a series of large (1.4m x 2.1m) photographs printed on organza. The images are high definition and semi-transparent. 
This gives an almost ghostly impression which fits well with the rationale of the project - that people are still 'in' the landscape but are not clearly seen.
SIA Gallery, Cantor Building
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