Equality and Diversity in STEM

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One of the core principals of the WISET team and the Centre for Science Education is to widen participation in STEM and built environment education and careers, particularly for girls and women.

Working with regional Schools, Colleges and Universities, employers and local authorities, WISET delivers outreach, enhancement and public engagement interventions designed to raise awareness of STEM to under-represented groups.

Nationally we have a strong reputation for our work in this field, collaborating with many other organisations such as the Science Council, STEMNET, Career Development Institute, WISE, the Royal Academy of Engineering and with employers. WISET generates ongoing meaningful projects, research and collaborations that widen participation in STEM subjects. Through our websites www.wiset.org.uk / www.stem-e-and-d-toolkit.co.uk and our twitter account @wiset we actively support and promote Equality and Diversity in STEM to all.


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