Comino Centre for Personal Capabilities and Leadership

The Centre for Science Education has been supported by the Foundation for over 20 years from which many curriculum development projects in science education have allowed us to explore how to achieve the Foundation's aims and mission.  Under the directorship of Professor Bill Harrison, now Emeritus to the University, the Sheffield Comino Centre flourished building a firm partnership relationship between the Foundation and the CSE.

In 2005 the Directorship was handed to Dr Lynne Bianchi and the Centre was renamed, making more visible the steer that it would take. The Comino Centre for Personal Capability and Leadership has actively championed the development of children's personal skills and capabilities through the mainstream science curriculum.

Previous and current projects include: Personal Capabilities in Science Education (PhD Research, Bianchi 2002); Smart Science, the STEM Leaders Qualification, Smart Talk - Verbal Behaviour Analysis Project in association with Huthwaite International, Comino Family Schools projects working with Derby High School (Bury) and St Ambrose Barlow RC High School (Salford).

Other interesting links stemming from this partnership:
- the Expansive Education Network (University of Winchester) for which the CSE and SHU are a provider and pioneer 
- Huthwaite International, a global leader in sales training, who actively work with us on knowledge transfer activity associated with the development of children's verbal behaviours.