Richard White

Job title: 
Senior Lecturer in Economic Geography, PhD

Tel: 0114 225 2899

The work of anarchist geographers, and other critical thinkers that have emphasised the heterodox nature of contemporary economic landscapes, have greatly influenced my own thoughts regarding political economy. In this context, my research has focused exclusively on understanding the pervasive nature of non-commodified work practices by exploring the extent, character, social embeddedness, barriers, values and rationales that underpin these forms of work in the UK.

For me, the challenge that arises from such a pluralistic reading of the economic landscape is one of how to better envisage and enact "post-capitalist" economic futures of work and organization. Moving beyond a capitalo-centric framework of economic representation I am particularly interested in celebrating and promoting those "alternative" work practices embedded in anarchist praxis, for example mutualism and other autonomous modes of organization and representation.

I am also contributing to an emerging inter-disciplinary research field focused around capturing the attitudes and aspirations of young people in deprived communities. This research has involved utilising the innovative visual technique of mental mapping as part of a mixed methodological framework. Exploring young people's social networks, and their attachment to place, my research has begun to better understand how subjective geographies can impact on seemingly 'objective' decisions made concerning future trajectories in education, training and employment.

Research Bids/ Funding

2008-2013 Town and Country Planning writing release funding for publications related to the Research Excellence Framework (£13,653/ annum).

2006-2007 Joseph Rowntree Foundation funding, with Anne Green (University Of Warwick), for the research project focused onAttachment to Place, (Im)mobility and labour market prospects. (£50,000).

2001-2004 Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) PhD Studentship.

Selected Reports

Green, A.E. and White, R.J. (2007) Shifting Horizons: Attachment to place, (im)mobility and labour market prospects of young people. York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Hasluck, C., Bimrose, J., Barnes, S-A., Brown, J., Marris, L., McGivern, G., Orton, M. and White, R.J. (2006) Evaluation of Skills Coaching trials and Skills Passports, A synthesis of qualitative and quantitative evidence. Warwick Institute for Employment Research. Department for Work and Pensions, Research Report No.391.

Green, A.E., Homenidou, K., White, R.J. and Wilson, R. (2006) Working Futures 2004-14: Spatial Report. Coventry: Institute for Employment Research.

Sanderson, I., Green, A. and White, R.J. (2005) Employment Strategies in Newham and Hull NDC: Research Report 62. Sheffield: Sheffield Hallam University.

Academic Publications

White, R.J. and Green, AE. (forthcoming) Geography Matters! Re-asserting the importance of place when understanding the uneven employment trajectories and aspirations of young people. Work, Employment & Society.

White, R.J. and Cudworth, E. (forthcoming, 2013) A Challenge to Systems of Domination: From Corporations to Capitalism, In: Nocella, A. and Sorenson, J. Critical Animal Studies Reader: An Introduction to an Intersectional Social Justice Approach to Animal Liberation New York: Peter Lang Publishing Group.

White, R.J. and Williams, C.C. (forthcoming) Hidden in Plain Sight: recognising the centrality of anarchist spaces of work and organisation in "capitalist" society. Ephemera: theory and politics in organization

White, R.J. and Williams, C.C. (2012) The Pervasive Nature of Heterodox Economic Spaces at a Time of Neoliberal Crisis: Towards a “Postneoliberal” Anarchist Future.Antipode 44(5) pp. 1-20.

White, R.J. (2012) Toward a Post-Occupy World. Philosophers for Change.

Williams, C.C., Adom, KY-K., Baric, U., Ladan, U., Onoshchenko, O., Shallah, A., Shahid, MS. and White, R.J. (2012) Theorizing the self-service economy: a case study of do-it-yourself (DIY) activity. Journal of Economy and its Applications, 2 (1), pp. 1-26.

White, R.J. and Williams, C.C. (2012) Beyond capitalist hegemony: exploring the persistence and growth of "alternative" economic practices, In: A.J. Nocella, J. Asimakopoulos and D. Shannon (Eds) The Accumulation of Freedom: Writings on Anarchist Economics. AK Press.

White, R.J. (2011) Re-visiting the barriers to participation in mutual aid. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 31 (9/10).

White, R.J. and Green, A.E. (2011) Opening up or closing down opportunities?: the role of social networks and attachment to place in informing young peoples' attitudes and access to training and employment. Urban Studies, 48 (1), pp. 41-60.

White, R.J. and Green, A.E. (2011) Advocating the use of mental maps when focusing on a young person's relationship to place and space, In: S. Heath and C. Walker. Innovations in Researching Youth.  London: Palgrave MacMillan.

White, R.J. and Williams, C.C. (2010) Re-thinking monetary exchange: some lessons from England. Review of Social Economy, 68 (3), pp. 317-338.

White, R.J. (2009) Explaining why the non-commodified sphere of mutual aid is so pervasive in the advance economies: some case study evidence from an English city.International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 29 (9/10), pp. 457-472.

Green, A.E. and White, R.J. (2008) Shaped by place: young people’s decisions about education, training and work. Benefits: The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice,16 (3), pp. 213-224.

Williams, C.C. and White, R.J. (2008) Variations in the nature of the hidden economy and its public policy implications, In: D. Henckel, G. Spars and F Wukovitsch (eds) Arbeiten in der Grauzone. Frankfurt: Peter Lang.

White, R.J. and Williams, C.C. (2005) Informal Volunteering and Older People AGEToday, Issue 5 Citizenship: The difference older people make. London:Help the Aged.

Williams, C.C. and White, R.J. (2003) Conceptualising Social Inclusion – Some Lessons for Action. Municipal Engineer, 156 (ME2), pp. 91-96.

Williams, C.C. and White, R.J. (2002) Tackling Rural Transport Problems: A Third Sector Approach. European Research in Regional Science, Vol. 12.

Williams, C.C. and White, R.J. (2002) The transformation of English rural communities. Municipal Engineer. ME151 (03).

Williams C.C. and White, R.J. (2001) Evaluating the role of the social economy in tackling rural transport problems: some case study evidence from rural England. Planning Practice and Research, 16 (3/4), pp. 345-356.

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