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Reader, BA, MSc, PhD

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Richard Crisp is a Reader at the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) at Sheffield Hallam University. Since joining CRESR, he has led and worked on projects for a range of organisations, including central government departments, local authorities, research charities and Third Sector bodies.

Richard is currently directing an evidence review of the impact of regeneration on poverty for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. He is also leading a two-year evaluation of the Volunteering for Stronger Communities programme funded through the Big Lottery Fund. In addition, Richard is a team member of evaluations of the reforms to Local Housing Allowance for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and the Talent Match programme to tackle youth unemployment on behalf of the Big Lottery Fund. He was previously involved in the National Evaluation of the New Deal for Communities Programme which was commissioned by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and ran until 2010.

Research interests

Richard has wide-ranging research interests including:

  • worklessness, welfare-to-work and welfare reform
  • urban regeneration
  • poverty and inequality
  • voluntary and community sector involvement in welfare delivery
  • volunteering and employability.

Current research projects

Please contact me for further details about these research projects:

2013-2019 Evaluation of the Talent Match programme to tackle youth unemployment, Big Lottery Fund. Role: Team member.

2013 Area regeneration and localisation: evidence and policy review, Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Role: Project director.

2012-2013 Evaluation of the Sheffield Community Network project, Sheffield City Council. Role: Project director.

2012-2013 Evaluation of the impact of the Volunteering for Stronger Communities Programme, Volunteering England. Role: Project director.

2011–2013 Evaluation of the impact of the emergency budget and spending review measures for housing benefit, DWP. Role: Team member.

Selected research reports

Please contact me for further details about these research projects and for summaries of the findings.

Crisp, R., Cole, I., Eadson, W., Ferrari, E., Powell, R. and While, A. (2017) Tackling poverty through housing and planning policy in city regions. York: JRF.

Crisp, R., Gore, T. and McCarthy, L. (2017) Addressing transport barriers to work in low income neighbourhoods. Sheffield: CRESR, Sheffield Hallam University.

Batty, E., Crisp, R., Green, S., Platts-Fowler, D. and Robinson, D. (2016) Whole Household Key Worker Interventions: Learning from Sheffield. Sheffield: CRESR, Sheffield Hallam University.

Beatty, C., Crisp, R. and Gore, T. (2016) An inclusive growth monitor for measuring the relationship between poverty and growth. York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Academic publications

Crisp, R. (2013) 'Communities with oomph’? Exploring the potential for stronger social ties to revitalise disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 31 (2), pp. 324-339.

Crisp, R. (2012) Conceptualising Local Approaches to Tackling Worklessness: The New Deal for Communities Programme as Neo-liberal ‘Flanking Strategy'? Space and Polity, 16 (2), pp. 233-251.

Crisp, R., Roberts, E. and Simmonds, D. (2011) 'Do-gooders, pink or fluffy, social workers' need not apply? An exploration of the experiences of third sector organisations in the European Social Fund and Work Programme. People, Place and Policy, 5 (2), pp. 76-88.

Crisp, R. (2009) Motivation, morals and justice: Discourses of worklessness in the welfare reform green paper. People, Place and Policy, 2 (3), pp. 172-185.

Crisp, R., Macmillan, R., Robinson, D. and Wells, P. (2009) Continuity or Change? Considering the policy implications of a Conservative government. People, Place and Policy, 3 (1), pp. 58-74.

Purdam, K. and Crisp, R. (2009) Measuring the Impact of Community Engagement on Policy Making in the UK: A Local Case Study. Journal of Civil Society, 5 (2), pp. 169-186.

Recent conference and seminar papers

Please contact me for a copy of any of the following:

Crisp, R. (2013) Dependency, fairness and sharing the pain: exploring the perceptions and responses of private landlords to the Local Housing Allowance reforms.Social Policy Association Annual Conference, Sheffield, July 2013.

Crisp, R. (2012) Doing practical research to make your case. The voluntary sector and welfare reform conference, York, September 2012.

Crisp, R. (2011) The experience of third sector subcontractors in the ESF 2007-13 programme. TSEN annual conference, London, March 2011.

Crisp, R. (2010) Working neighbourhoods? The salience of paid and unpaid work in six neighbourhoods. LSE seminar series, London, December 2010.

Crisp, R. (2010) Work Good, Worklessnessness bad? Paper presented to Work. Employment and Society conference, Brighton, September 2010.

Crisp, R. (2010) Work and well-being in deprived neighbourhoods: Policy assumptions and personal experiences. Paper presented at launch of TUC's Fair Work Coalition, London, March 2010.

Crisp, R. (2008) 'A tragic gift?' How older men respond to job loss. Paper presented to Transformations of Work and Welfare conference, Leeds, September 2008.

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Department for Communities and Local Government
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Third Sector European Network
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