Welfare reform hitting the poorest hardest

Welfare reform and labour markets

CRESR has a national reputation for undertaking research on labour markets in specific regional contexts among specific sub groups of the population and on labour market initiatives and welfare reform.

The centre is experienced at undertaking both large and small scale studies tailored to meet clients' needs. We use a range of methods to undertake process evaluations, impact analysis of labour market initiatives on outcomes, and the tracking of trajectories of local labour markets over time to assess the impact of welfare reform.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • conducting in-depth qualitative research with stakeholders, service providers and participants of job-activation schemes
  • designing, undertaking and analysing large scale surveys of workless individuals, households and benefit claimants
  • statistical analysis, benchmarking and spatial analysis of labour market trends, secondary and administrative data, benefits data and labour market outcomes
  • small area estimation of labour market accounting techniques and econometric analysis
  • profiling of labour markets in specific geographic areas
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The Local Impact of Welfare Reform in Wales

Project Director: Professor Christina Beatty / Professor Steve Fothergill
Project Duration: 2014

This project documents the impact of welfare reforms down to the local/neighbourhood level across the South Wales Valleys.  The study gets beyond district-level statistics which are likely to obscure big differences in the impact between local areas.  Certain neighbourhoods are being hit extremely hard and this project provides evidence as to just quite how hard some areas are hit.  The new study builds directly on previous study by the team 'Hitting the Poorest Places Hardest: the Local and Regional Impacts of Welfare Reform which provided district level figures for GB on the impact of welfare reform.

The Impact of Welfare Reform on Sheffield

Project Director: Professor Christina Beatty
Project Duration: 2014

Welfare reforms currently underway are having a major impact on individuals, communities and on Sheffield as a whole. This study will aim to quantify how many households are impacted upon in Sheffield by the changes underway and the scale of the financial loss incurred. The study will map these losses for all wards within the city.


Seaside Towns in the Age of Austerity

Project Director: Professor Christina Beatty / Professor Steve Fothergill
Project Duration: 2014

This research updates a previous study undertaken by CRESR in 2010 to assess the scale and location of the British seaside tourist Industry.  This study utilises the most recent data available to bring the estimates up to date and investigate to what extent the number of jobs supported by tourism in Britain's seaside towns have suffered in an age of austerity since the post 2008 recession.

Evaluation of Measures to Change Housing Benefit and Local Housing Allowances in the Private Rented Sector in the UK

Project Director: Professor Ian Cole
Project Duration: 2011-2014

To monitor the impact of the changes to Housing Benefit and Local Housing Allowances in the private rented sector introduced by the government in 2010.

Impact evaluation of the Volunteer for Stronger Communities project

Project Director: Richard Crisp
Project Duration: 2012-2013

This project evaluated the impact of 15 projects to promote volunteering that were funded through the Volunteering for Stronger Communities programme. The Programme used volunteering to help improve employability and strengthen in the context of economic uncertainty.

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British Destinations
Circle Housing Wherry
Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation
Department for Work and Pensions
Financial Inclusion Services (Yorkshire)
Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF)
Jobcentre Plus
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Ministry of Justice
National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA)
National Housing Federation
Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action
Nottingham City and County Employment and Skills Board
Nottinghamshire County Council
Residential Landlords Association
Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Small Business Service
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