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DECC Fuel Poverty Health Booster evaluation

Project Director: Dr Will Eadson
Project Duration: 2015-2016

This project is evaluating the impact of funding to local authorities to provide fuel poverty interventions. The focus of the evaluation is on analysing quantitative data regarding financial, energy efficiency and health and wellbeing outcomes for participants.

The Lambeth Housing Standard Health Impact Assessment

Project Director: Jan Gilbertson
Project Duration: 2015-2016

To carry out a Health Impact Assessment on the health and quality of life, including security and mental well-being of Lambeth’s residents based on the impact of the Decent Homes (‘DH’) programme and the Lambeth Housing Standard (‘LHS’) programme on the Council’s own housing stock. 

Delivering Affordability Assistance to water customers: cross sector lessons

Project Director: Aimee Ambrose
Project Duration: 2016

This project involved a cross sector analysis of affordability assistance initiatives being implemented across the water, energy, housing and health sectors in order to generate learning for the water sector regarding extending the reach and targeting of their affordability assistance offer. A key aim of the review was to help the client (Consumer Council for Water) to identify further opportunities for water companies to link with wider poverty and affordability initiatives in order to reach more of those who need affordability support the most. The report also aims to improve the water sector’s understanding of what might constitute good practice in promoting affordability assistance across a range of sectors and how these might be applied in the water industry.

Homeless people’s access to the private rented sector

Project Director: Dr Kesia Reeve
Project Duration: 2015-2016

The project is exploring homeless people’s access to the private rented sector via a survey of private landlords, a survey of homeless people, and a survey of local authorities as well as qualitative case study interviews with a small number of homeless people who have attempted to secure private sector housing.  

The Uneven Impact of Welfare Reform

Project Director: Professor Christina Beatty
Project Duration: 2015-2016

This project will chart the impact of welfare cuts across the Great Britain and estimate how the financial losses vary from place to place. The research will consider both pre-2015 and post-2015 welfare reforms. The project will assess the extent to which impacts differ by family type, as well as considering differences by tenure.

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