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Housing in later life: Meeting the future needs of Greater Cambridge

Project Director: Dr Stephen Green
Project Duration: April 2017 - September 2017

About the Project

South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge City has a growing number of older residents. Responding to this, the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) has been commissioned to research the housing, care and support needs of people in later life. The research will identify the housing and other services currently provided locally, and estimate what will be needed in the future. We will speak to providers of housing, care and support services, and other stakeholders, to gather their views. Residents will also be consulted about their preferences, options and plans for later life. This will help to develop local policies about where new housing and care facilities are located, and the type of accommodation and services they will include.

Energy poverty and social relations: understanding vulnerability through secondary qualitative analysis

Project Director: Dr Lucie Middlemass (University of Leeds)
Project Duration: 2017-2018

This project draws on a large body of existing (under-utilised) qualitative data to investigate the impact of households’ social relations on vulnerability to energy poverty. The project team’s collective expertise in energy poverty, vulnerability and secondary data analysis will allow us to investigate the emerging link between social relations (friend and family relationships, and interactions with service providers) and households’ capacity to withstand energy poverty. Outputs will include a preliminary conceptual framework to explain how vulnerability to energy poverty is affected by social relations, and an analytical approach to secondary qualitative data on this topic. It is anticipated that outputs from the project will form the basis for future bid applications.

Letting to under-35s: A survey of private landlords

Project Director: Dr Ben Pattison
Project Duration: 2016-2017

This projects uses a survey to investigate landlord’s experiences and perceptions of letting to under-35s.

Wigan Deal for Warmth Evaluation

Project Director: Aimee Ambrose
Project Duration: 2015-2017

An evaluation of the Wigan Deal for Warmth programme which is part of DECC’s Health and Fuel Poverty Booster Fund, which aims to address health and wellbeing issues linked to cold, inefficient homes by intervening to improve energy efficiency.

Housing, integration and segregation: A rapid evidence review

Project Director: Dr Tom Archer
Project Duration: April 2017 - May 2017

The project has entailed a rapid review of literature related to how housing policies and practices can impact on issues of  integration and segregation. The review has revealed gaps in current knowledge, good practice examples, and emerging policy considerations. 

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