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Review of Burngreave NDC

Project Director: Sarah Pearson
Project Duration: 2011

An End of Programme Evaluation of the Burngreave New Deal for Communities Programme in Sheffield.

Female Participation in the Labour Market in Leicester - Qualitative Follow-up Study

Project Director: Ryan Powell
Project Duration: 2011

This project follows on from an earlier piece of research for Leicester City Council on female participation in the labour market. This study provides a qualitative complement to the first quantitative assessment and Reports findings from six focus groups and 12 follow-up interviews with unemployed women in Leicester. The research focused on labour market experiences, barriers to employment and support needs. 

Making a Difference: Research on the Voluntary and Community Sector in Derbyshire

Project Director: Sarah Pearson
Project Duration: 2011

Research on the economic and social impact of the voluntary and community sector in Derbyshire, including Social Return on Investment case studies of voluntary and community sector organisations.

NAVCA Outcomes Framework

Project Director: Professor Peter Wells
Project Duration: 2010-2011

The National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA) is the membership organisation for local support and development organisations. This project developed an outcomes measurement framework for NAVCA.

Passion for Life Evaluation

Project Director: Jan Gilbertson
Project Duration: 2010-2011

This report presents the findings of a small evaluation project principally designed to investigate the impact of the Passion for life programme on participants and volunteers. Passion for life is an innovative pilot programme aimed at empowering the Over 60's to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Jointly supported by NHS Doncaster and
Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC) Passion for life was launched in September 2009 and initially funded for a period of eighteen months until the 31st March 2011. The programme is delivered by volunteers with assistance from the support service provider, Age UK Doncaster (formerly Age Concern Doncaster).

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